Mega Spread Woodshavings

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Mega Spread Woodshavings
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MEGA Spread Woodshavings is a new and exciting addition to the Metsä Wood equine bedding brand of Hunter Woodshavings. It is made from virgin softwood shavings using sustainable untreated sources. The shavings are vacuum packed under extreme compression so when the bale is opened, the shavings spring back to give exceptional spread volume.

MEGA Spread has large flakes for maximum stability enabling the bed to stay supportive and in place, minimizing the risk of hock and joint injuries in the stable. It is extremely dust-extracted and dried at sterilizing temperatures to reduce bacteria and fungi ensuring the health of your horses respiratory system.

The large soft flakes take longer to break down under foot - the smaller flakes make their way to the bottom of the bed creating maximum absorbency therefore maintaining a dryer top layer for greater comfort and protection for your horses hooves and lungs against ammonia.

The clean white flakes discolour when wet making them easy to find and remove, minimizing waste and saving you time.