Blue Chip Lami-light



Low Calorie Forage Balancer.

Lami-light is a specially developed forage balancer for ponies and horses prone to laminitis, have a tendency to be overweight or have poor hoof quality.

Ponies and horses that are overweight, good doers or prone to laminitis are notoriously difficult to manage. Lami-light has been specially developed to deliver a unique low calorie, low protein, low starch, whole cereal-free, high fibre formulation incorporating a prebiotic and a probiotic yeast and sepiolite clay to help maintain healthy gut function.

Lami-light includes magnesium for insulin activity, a comprehensive group of vitamins, organic minerals, nutrients, neutraceuticals, herbs, garlic and a powerful combination of antioxidants, all beneficial to those on a restricted diet. This proven formulation also includes a complete hoof supplement, SoundHoof.