Dengie Leisure Balancer



Formulated for horses and ponies in light work to be fed alongside any of the Hi-Fi range of Fibre Feeds.

Dengie Leisure Balancer is low in energy, sugar and starch compared to traditional mixes and cubes and so is ideal for good doers and individuals that require a low sugar and starch diet.

If you are feeding less than the recommend amount of a mix or cube you won't be supplying the required level of nutrients your horse or pony needs. Leisure Balancer contains concentrated levels of vitamins and minerals so that it can be fed in smaller quantities but still provide a balanced diet.

Key Features

* Molasses free - ideal for horses and ponies that require a low sugar diet
* Alfalfa - for highly bioavilable vitamins and minerals that are easy for a horse or pony to absorb
* Linseed - high in omega 3 essential fatty acids for exceptional coat shine
* Herbs - rosemary and thyme are added for palatability and as a source of antioxidants
* Chelated minerals - trace minerals such as copper are vulnerable to interactions with other minerals in the gut.