Dengie Performance+ Balancer



The aim of this diet is to utilise the energy and quality protein that the Alfa-A range of Fibre Feeds provide with the Performance+ Balancer supplying essential nutrients to balance the ration as well as ingredients designed to promote health and condition.

Key Features:

* Molasses free - ideal for horses and ponies that require a low sugar diet
* Alfalfa - for highly bio-avilable vitamins and minerals that are easy for a horse or pony to absorb
* Linseed - high in omega 3 essential fatty acids for exceptional coat shine and condition
* Herbs - rosemary and thyme are added for palatability and as a source of antioxidants
* Glucosamine - to counteract everyday wear and tear to joints
* Prebiotics - to help keep the gut healthy
* B vitamins including biotin - needed for efficient energy metabolism and hoof condition
* Chelated minerals - trace minerals such as copper are vulnerable to interactions with other minerals in the gut.
* Chelating them protects them so that the horse can absorb them more efficiently