Dodson & Horrell Ulcer Sensitive Balancer



A high specification balancer formulated for horses with sensitive digestive systems or prone to ulceration.

* Fully balanced, low intake feed, suitable for those prone to gastric ulceration
* The Formulation is Cereal- Grain Free and low in sugar and starch.
* Actisaf yeast, partnered with added MOS and FOS for hindgut support.
* Liquorice for its anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the stomach.
* Comfrey Leaf and Linseed with mucilaginous compounds to help form a protective lining in the stomach.
* Pumpkin Seeds high in zinc and nitric oxide which supports the healing of the digestive tract.
* Biotin, Zinc and Methionine for hoof strength and growth.
* QLC Natural Antioxidant package to support natural defences against inflammation.

Feeding guidelines:

* 100g/100kg bodyweight per day