Saracen Essential Balancer



A cost-effective pelleted feed balancer for horses and ponies, to be fed alongside compound feeds being fed below the manufacturer's recommended levels, or forage only diets.

Essential Balancer is low in sugar, starch and calories, so is suitable for horses and ponies that are good doers and in particular native breeds of ponies. Dense in vitamins, minerals and quality protein sources, Essential Balancer helps to maintain muscle tone and topline as well as supporting optimum health and vitality. A source of Omega 3 fatty acids helps to condition and shine the coat, creating a picture of health inside and out.

A blend of yeast cultures helps to support a healthy digestive tract and optimize digestion and energy extraction from the fibre sources in the ration. This helps to reduce the reliance on the need to feed additional compound mixes or cubes.

Features & Benefits

* Low feeding rate for all round balanced and cost-effective nutrition
* Low in sugar and starch so suitable for 'good-doers'
* Barley free
* Non-heating formulation for a manageable temperament
* Contains quality sources of protein for maintaining muscle tone and topline
* Omega-3 fatty acids for coat condition, joint health and mobility
* Blend of yeasts included to support optimum forage digestion and hindgut health