Baileys No. 4 Topline Conditioning Cubes



Used to promote weight gain for horses, Baileys No. 4 Topline Conditioning Cubes have a great reputation as a fully balanced non-heating conditioning feed. Not only will these conditioning cubes give your horse much needed protein to promote muscle tone and top line, they do this without blowing your horses' mind.

Baileys No. 4 is based on micronised wheat, not barley, and contains soya oil in order to balance a shiny coat with slow release energy. It's also packed full of vitamins and minerals (such as Vitamins C & E and grapeseed extract) which are suitable for horses and ponies at any level of work from rest to those who are regularly competing. Pair it with a chaff of your choosing to complete your horses feed.

The beauty of this weight gain horse feed lies in the results which can be seen in as little as 2 weeks when fed at the recommended level. For older horses, it's great for those with dental problems but also works brilliantly for young and weaker horses who need help building their topline without the need for expensive supplements.