Saracen Show Improver Cubes



A barley and oat free formulation that includes EQUI-JEWEL® to help maintain a steady temperament whilst supporting optimum muscle development and topline. This ration is very palatable, so it will help to maintain fussy feeders and "poor doers".

This highly rated conditioning feed is produced to a barley-free recipe to help manage horses that may have an intolerance to cereals. The use of Saracen's unique "super-fibre" sources enables the ration to remain calorie dense, whilst at the same time, the formulation achieves a lower starch content than found in traditional conditioning feeds of this type.

EQUI-JEWEL®, a rice bran supplement very effective at adding condition and topline has been carefully blended into this conditioning diet. EQUI-JEWEL®, formulated by Kentucky Equine Research (KER), is unique to Saracen Horse Feeds who are the sole UK Team Member for KER. The use of EQUI-JEWEL® increases the calorific content of this conditioning diet and provides an effective source of essential fatty acids. Fatty acids help to promote healthy skin condition and coat shine and the inclusion of soya oil also contributes to coat condition quality.

The careful balance of the ingredients within Show Improver Cubes produce a unique, non-heating conditioning feed that will help to encourage all over body condition and optimal muscle tone development when used in conjunction with a suitable exercise programme.

Features & Benefits

* Barley and oat free formulation
* Contains super-fibres to provide controlled energy release, and aid a healthy digestive system
* Quality protein sources aid cell renewal, tissue, muscle repair & muscle development. Muscle tone & development is optimised when the feed is used in conjunction with an appropriate exercise program
* Unique inclusion of Equi-Jewel® to aid the calorific density of the ration
* Added soya oil to promote coat condition and bloom
* Fully fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace elements