Saracen Racefit Cubes



Racefit Cubes offer alternative energy sources within a higher fermentable fibre, lower starch formulation to give an energy efficient ration in a concentrated, pelleted form.

This ration provides long lasting energy release and controlled performance for horses in full training in a highly palatable and convenient cube, with quality proteins and high levels of supporting vitamins and minerals.

This diet works very well for horses that are intolerant to high starch diets by providing a balance of energy sources to support them, rather than relying totally on a high cereal inclusion.

Soya hulls offer a highly digestible form of 'super-fibres', which have the ability to produce high quality forms of supplemental energy and are essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Soya oil, an extremely useful source of calories for the racehorse, brings extra density, reducing the proportion of energy derived from starch.

Racefit Cubes can be helpful for fussy feeders with reduced appetites, when dietary energy can be the limiting factor in sustaining a predictable performance.

Benefits include:

* Horses that are intolerant to high starch diets
* Low starch, high fibre levels
* Fussy feeders with limited appetites