Saracen Racehorse Cubes



Saracen Racehorse Cubes have been formulated using the most up to date research and ingredient technology available, to meet the specific nutritional needs that are placed on the modern athlete.

They are designed with energy efficiency in mind to provide a highly concentrated ration for racehorses in full work.

Saracen Racehorse Cubes make use of starch, oil and readily digestible fibre to meet the energy needs of a horse in training in a very palatable form that they can cope with.

This is a high quality, multipurpose ration for National Hunt and Flat horses, as well as point-to-pointers.

The feed contains a consistent blend of cereal grains and quality protein sources with high levels of supporting vitamins and minerals for maximum athletic performance and for improved recovery times after a run, or during periods of intense fitness training.

Features & Benefits

* Energy efficiency as a multipurpose ration
* National Hunt and Flat horses in full work, as well as point-to-pointers