TopSpec TopChop Grass

TopSpec TopChop Grass


TopChop Grass is a blend of specially selected, dried, British grasses.

It is ideal for horses and ponies needing a soft, very palatable chop, perfect for fussy feeders including fit performance horses and elderly horses.

TopChop Grass is a high quality chop that can be fed solely with a TopSpec feed balancer or supplement. Additional feed, for example a TopSpec Blend, can be added if extra nutrients for work or condition are required.

It can be used as a hay replacer, especially for elderly horses struggling to maintain condition as a result of poor dentition reducing their ability to chew hay or haylage.

TopChop Grass is dust-extracted and the grass has been high-temperature dried. These two procedures minimise potential mould, making the chop suitable for horses and ponies with respiratory problems. Always dampen feed if your horse or pony has respiratory problems.