Saracen Competition-Fit-Mix



* Instant energy cereal based mix
* Supports natural recovery patterns with the replacement of glycogen post exercise
* Utilises a variety of energy pathways to optimise power generation
* 'Super-Fibre' inclusion to support controlled performance
* A unique 'Apple Flavouring' to maintain palatability
* Precise inclusion of recommended Live Yeast to support gut flora health
* High quality protein to optimise peak muscle health and encourage maintenance of topline and muscle definition
* Fully fortified with chelated minerals from Kentucky Equine Research
* Fixed formulation providing consistent nutritional quality
* Electrolyte inclusion to delay the onset of fatigue, however additional salt and electrolyte supplementation is recommended for horses that are working hard or for long durations

Suitable for:

* Competition horses & Ponies requiring instant energy for speed and power based disciplines
* Competition horses & ponies with a limited appetite
* Competition horses & ponies requiring maximal power productivity for work
* Competition horses & ponies needing a little more 'oomph'
* Good-Doers requiring additional energy as part of a 'two part' feeding regime