Dodson & Horrell Health Mash



Dodson & Horrell's Health Mash is an aromatic herbal mash supporting immune and digestive function. By adding warm water, it will awaken the naturally appetising herbal aroma of Health Mash and tempt even the fussiest of horses to prick their ears and look for their feed bowl.

Health Mash is an extremely versatile feed, its non-heating properties mean it is suitable to be fed to most horses and ponies, including those prone to gastric ulcers, and as an added bonus, it is ready to feed in just under ten minutes and will be available all year round.

* Molasses-free recipe
* Low starch & sugar
* Super fibre
* Digestive support - MOS, FOS, Actisaf Yeast & Psyllium
* Immune support - QLC Antioxidants & Echinacea
* Herbal support - Mint, Fennel & Cinnamon