Agrobs Alpengrun Musli



It's not hard to see why horses absolutely love this product - It smells and tastes as good as it looks............ simply heavenly!
Highly nutritious - packed with vitamins. minerals and anti-oxidants for your horses health and vitality.
The base is Agrobs 60 grasses and herbs from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps with the addition of the following ingredients:

Parsnip, carrot and beetroot which deliver highly digestible fibre, organically bonded minerals and vitamins as well as secondary plant nutrients.

Sunflower seeds, linseed and black cumin pellets aid digestion and provides essential fatty acids

Vitamin rich apple pulp with its pectin content supports your horses intestinal flora.

Marigold and cornflower blossoms, rose hips, raspberry and blackberry leaves for added vitamins and nutrients.