Saracen Super Fibre Mix

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Super Fibre Mix is a versatile and palatable high fibre complete feed that can be used in many different situations, either as the sole complete ration or as a supplementary chaff or additional fibre feed.

A range of herbs including mint and oregano help to maintain appetite in shy or fussy feeders.

The ration is based on high quality, dust free, short chopped forage sources and is blended with a low inclusion of micronised cereals to help maintain body condition and to support light work.

It contains quality protein sources to help support cell renewal, tissue and muscle repair, thus making it equally suitable for horses in work and those that are recuperating. It is fully fortified with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, so providing that it is fed at the minimum recommended feeding rate can be fed as the sole concentrate feed source.

Super Fibre Mix now contains a live yeast and a natural source of vitamin E, which play a supporting role in maintaining normal digestive and immune function, particularly during periods of stress e.g. travelling, competing or sickness.

Features & Benefits

* Free from whole oats
* Contains high quality dust free short chop fibre sources
* Highly palatable
* Encourages chewing and saliva production
* Supports optimum immune function
* Maintains normal digestive function
* Helps to encourage appetite and normal eating behaviour
* Contains a blend of 9 herbs
* Can be used in a wide variety of different situations