Saracen Recoup 11



Recoup 11 is a highly palatable, lower energy sweetfeed, which is suitable for feeding in the early stages of pretraining and fittening work.

This mix is also designed for supporting horses on box-rest, or in light to medium work following an injury, or a break from training.

The oil levels and highly digestible fibres, such as soya hulls, alfalfa and sugar beet pulp, will maintain appropriate body condition while horses are on the 'easy list', and keep them manageable.

The feeds are fully fortified with racing level vitamins and minerals for nutrient continuity as work levels increase. Using Recoup 11 during convalescence, or during early fittening work and light to medium exercise makes for a smooth transition between the higher energy racing feeds within the Saracen range, as the nutrient levels and ingredients are very compatible.

It is suitable for feeding to yearlings as they are being broken in to maintain an even temperament before upgrading the energy levels in their diet when exercise levels move up. It can be used as a Sunday feed for all horses to match energy intake against current workload.

Features include:

* Low protein, lower energy mix
* BMC® (Buffered Mineral Complex) for gastric health and bone development
* Chelated minerals for improved absorption
* Vistacell Live Yeast for increased nutrient digestibility