Saracen Stud Mix



Stud Mix is designed as high quality, multipurpose ration for general use on the stud farm.

Stud Mix is a straightforward, traditional, balanced compound, and offer a simple and economical way of feeding large groups of breeding stock.

Stud Mix combines a palatable blend of traditional cereal grains on a base of alfalfa pellets, providing a rich and natural source of calcium and highly digestible fibre.

Micronised soya beans provide quality proteins for a good amino acid profile, and bioplex minerals boost micronutrient absorption rates. Yea-sacc is added to maintain a stable environment in the hindgut to ensure a healthy microbial population for increased fibre digestion.

Features & Benefits

* In-foal mares
* Lactating mares
* Working Stallions
* Growing youngstock
* General use as a multipurpose ration on a stud farm
* Uncomplicated and efficient feeding with minimal waste