Saracen Stud Prep 14 Mix



Stud Prep 14 is a multipurpose sweetfeed containing added oil and beet pulp, specially formulated for putting condition onto horses. This feed is ideal for horses bound for the sales ring.

It will help them put on body condition evenly, and keep them manageable and level-headed in their work. The high levels of oils and 'super-fibres' provide extremely palatable calories, reducing the reliance on starch in the ration.

As a result, horses are easier to handle and quickly become sleek and well toned with excellent topline and muscle definition during their sales preparation.

Features & Benefits

* Provides calories in a dense and palatable form
* High oil formula, with added 'super fibres' in the form of sugar beet pulp for controlled weight gain
* Ideal for putting on even body condition and topline