Dengie Healthy Tummy



A nutritionally balanced fibre feed based on alfalfa which is naturally low in sugar and starch. Research has shown alfalfa has natural buffering capabilities to acidity within the digestive tract.

* Healthy Tummy contains ADM Protexin In-Feed Formula which combines antacids to help maintain optimum levels of acidity within the gut
* Contains a unique blend of herbs for palatability including oregano, cinnamon and ginger which are also believed to contain powerful antioxidants
* Contains a high specification of vitamins, including biotin, and minerals. For horses in light to moderate work when fed at the recommended quantity no additional supplementation is
* For horses in hard work Healthy Tummy may be fed alongside traditional mixes and cubes
* Combines chopped and pelleted alfalfa for added interest and has a light rape seed oil coating.
* Healthy Tummy is based on entirely 'slow-release' energy sources it is ideal for working horses and ponies that are prone to over-exuberance
* Healthy Tummy is free from molasses, artificial flavourings and preservatives