Spillers Ulca Fibre



Spillers Ulca Fibre is an ultra-low starch, high oil fibre feed that is proven to support horses prone to gastric ulcers following veterinary treatment.

Suitable for Racehorse, Competition horses and Leisure horses.

Benefits include:

* Ultra-low starch, low sugar fibre feed. Ideal for horses and ponies prone to gastric ulcers or requiring a low starch diet
* Includes soft chopped Alfa to extend eating time and provide a natural buffer for stomach acid
* High in oil to provide slow release energy to optimise condition and performance
* High in Vitamin E for support of the immune system and muscle health
* High in quality protein including Lysine to support muscle development and performance
* Includes a full range of added vitamins and minerals including chelated copper, zinc and magnesium to help maximise absorption
* A highly versatile feed that can be fed on it's own or in addition to a suitable low starch compound feed