Micronized Linseed Meal



Micronized full-fat linseed meal for horses is an alternative way of feeding your horse all the goodness of linseed oil which improves your horse's coat and condition and helps maintain good general health and supple joints. In addition to the oil, it also supplies high levels of essential amino acids and lignan, a health promoting substance.

The advantage of linseed meal is that it's ready to add straight away to your horse's daily feed - no need to boil and prepare the seeds yourself. It also has a long shelf life making it a real value-for-money purchase.

Micronized full-fat linseed meal for horses is sourced from the only UK company that micronizes linseed - a process which destroys 'anti-nutritive factors' which are present in raw linseed. It is from a guaranteed non-genetically-modified source - to give you quality and peace of mind.

Linseed meal contains:
* 18.2% omega-3 essential fatty acids (including alpha-linolenic acid)
* 5.3% omega-6 essential fatty acids
* 7.7% omega-9 essential fatty acids
* Calcium
* Copper
* Magnesium
* Phosphorus
* Selenium

Feed to:
* Any horse for general health benefits
* Older and arthritic horses - who will find it particularly suitable
* Horses who need a coat or condition boost
* Excitable and nervous horses - who may benefit from omega-3 fatty acids
* Horses recovering from injury
* Horses who need to gain weight