Dengie Alfa Beet



Alfa-Beet is ideal for horses that need condition without the fizz, endurance horses and veterans with poor dentition.

* Alfa-beet is an approx blend of 50:50 alfalfa and un-molassed sugar beet with a convenient 15 minute hot soak or 2 hour cold soak.
* The soaking ratio is 3:1 water to Alfa-Beet by volume
* No added sugar and low in starch feed
* When using 'hot soak' the product must be cooled prior to adding supplements and feeding
* Alfa-Beet can be combined with Hi-Fi Senior, Hi-Fi Lite or a High Fibre Cube when a total hay replacement is required
* Alfa-Beet is a straight feed so must be used with a vitamin and mineral supplement or the recommended quantity of a compound feed