Dubarry Galway Boots

Euro Size 36 Walnut
Euro Size 37 Walnut
Euro Size 37 Brown/Mahogony
Was £329.00
Euro Size 38 Walnut
Euro Size 44 Walnut


The classic signature boot from Dubarry.

The Dubarry Galway boot is a waterproof and breathable leather boot. It has been constructed with water resistant crushed leathers and lined with GORE-TEX®.

The Dubarry leather used for this boot absorbs 60% less moisture and requires 70% less time to dry than other types of leather, ensuring that your Dubarry boots will always stay soft and comfortable.

The secret of the Dubarry boots is the GORE-TEX® inner lining. GORE-TEX® makes the boots 100% waterproof but wicks away perspiration, keeping your feet dry.

The Galway boot is lightweight in comparison to other rubber boots, and most other leather boots of a similar height and build.