Roeckl Mission Glove

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Size 8 1/2
Size 8 1/2 Mocha


Roeckl adds a dash of colour with the sporty classic Mission. Characteristic: The number 1 and the flag on the backhand. Yet our "No. 1" will captivate you not only with its great design, but also with its functionality. The backhand made from Lycra and spandex guarantees an ideal fit and a high level of wear comfort. The palm consists of Digital Suede, a robust material that gives equestrians a perfect grip on the reins. Thanks to Roeckl's exclusive Comfort Cut, extra trimming on the index finger is not required.
Convenient: The characteristic fastener can be opened at an extremely wide angle, making it significantly easier to put on the gloves.
In short: The Mission glove boasts great functionality, first-rate manufacturing quality and a passion for detail.