Woof Wear Bamboo Waffle Short Socks

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Made with Bamboo Fibre, the Woof Wear Short Riding Sock is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. These socks have twice the wicking property of cotton making evaporation of moisture virtually instantaneous.

Now with 'Waffle Knit' technology which provides a larger surface area therefore accelerating the evaporation of moisture away from your feet keeping them dry.

The thermostatic effect ensures the socks are warm in winter and cool in summer and the padded heel and toe with elasticated arch support give a comfortable and ergonomic fit.

* Fresh new look
* Waffle knit which accelerates evaporation of moisture to keep feet dry
* Made with Bamboo Fibre offering twice the wicking effect of cotton
* Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal for fresher feet all day long
* Thermostatic effect keeps feet warm in winter and cool in summer
* Padded toe and heel for added comfort and protection against rubbing
* Elastic foot arch panels for support and comfort
* 52% Bamboo Fibre
* 22% Cotton
* 19% Elastane
* 7% Nylon
* Long calf panel for added support and warmth
* Pack contains 2 pairs