Horseware Rambo Ionic Back Support

Large Black
Extra Large Black


Rambo® Ionic harnesses the power of Tourmaline, a naturally occurring crystal. When ground into a powder, Tourmaline realises a charge. This charge created negative ions, which increases the oxygen levels in the bloodstream, because the negative ions decrease the size of the water molecules, allowing oxygen to flow more easily throughout the bloodstream.

Increase oxygen flow in the bloodstream has been known to promote circulation. Increased circulation has been known to have many positive health benefits. Improving circulation helps to warm up muscles before exercise, and help remove toxins away from muscles after work.

* The back corset is designed to assist lower back issues
* It wraps around the torso and is secured in place with hook and loop straps at the front of the corset
* It has the added feature of a double pull lumber brace for extra support offering both compression and support to the abdominal and lower back muscles
* Also provides support and warmth to relieve pain
* Treated with Horseware's Ionic technology to aid in encouraging circulation, rapid recovery and relief
* Neoprene, elastic, polypropylene and tourmaline fabric