Allen Photographic Guides No 17: Shiatsu For Dogs By Pamela Hannay

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No 17:
No 17: Shiatsu for Dogs - Pamela Hannay


The author has been developing shiatsu techniques for dogs since 1982 when a friend asked her to help her elderly dog with his pain during his last days.

Since then, she has worked with hip degenerative problems, arthritis, problems associated with old age, and attitude problems.

Her focus is to teach people techniques to use on their own dogs. The Shiatsu techniques in this book have been chosen for their simplicity, effectiveness and fun. They will benefit all dogs: young and old; sick or injured and well; working dogs and family pets; well balanced or insecure.

This book is essential reading for all dog owners who wish to have a closer and happier relationship with their canine companions.