B.H.S. Trec Handbook By Robert Jones

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B.H.S. Trec Handbook By Robert Jones
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BHS TREC is fast becoming a popular and international equestrian discipline. The competition is designed to test a horse/rider combination through a wide range of activities, and combines the requirements of trail riding, with jumping, flatwork and obedience. Conducted in three phases, this new sport is accessible to the leisure rider with the average horse. Most of all, at an unaffiliated level this sport is FUN and can be done individually or in pairs or teams.

BHS TREC is the official guide to training, preparation and competition skills, including training tips on route copying, route finding, timing, and mounted and dismounted obstacles.

'If you want to have a go at this new equestrian discipline, or improve your performance, this packed-full-of-info handbook explains how.