Airowear AirMesh 2 Body Protector

T2 Black Slim/Regular
T2 Black Regular
T2 Black Long
L3 Black Slim/Regular
L3 Black Regular
L3 Black Long
L4 Black Slim/Regular
L4 Black Regular
L4 Black Long
M3 Black Regular
M4 Black Regular


The AirMesh 2 is the most highly ventilated BETA 2009 Level 3 body protector in Airowear's high performance line.

With lightweight foam that moulds closer to the body than ever before, the AirMesh 2 is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and safety.

A sporty mesh covering allows for enhanced airflow across the rider?s torso. Gender-specific sizing in slim and regular allows for the best and most truly customised fit.

The AirMesh 2 has an additional zip to incorporate the AyrPs Air Jacket.