Airowear Outlyne Body Protector

Size Y4 Long
Size T2 Slim
Size T2 Regular
Size T2 Long
Size L3 Short
Size L3 Slim
Size L4 Slim
Size L5 Short
Size L5 Slim
Size L5 Regular


This garment is part of Airowear's gender-specific range of body protectors.

The Outlyne body protector offers the maximum level of protection by fully meeting EN13158 and BETA 2018 Standard Level 3.

The UltraFlex impact absorbing materials that are used will allow the body protector to mould to the shape of the riders body for protection and comfort.

Features Include:

Zip fronted garment.
Designed to fit female riders of all shapes and sizes.
Shorter back lengths to avoid the body protector hitting the back of the saddle.
Darted foam across the chest provides comfort and support around the bust.
Tapered foam provides elegant shaping along the contours of the body.
Visual fit indicators ensure your body protector is fastened safely.

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