Airowear Outlyne Shoulder Protectors

Small Black (Body Protector size T2)
Medium Black (Body Protector size L3-L4)
Large Black (Body Protector size L5-L7)


The shoulder protectors including a medical card holder may be attached to the Reiver Elite or the Zippa Body Protector. This will offer additional protection which is not provided by the body protector alone.

The shoulder protectors are tested to EN 13158 and use a rubber material specifically developed to protect the point of shoulder.

Medical opinions suggests that shoulder protectors help prevent a broken clavicle and damage to the point of the shoulder, as well as assisting in dispersing the energy from a fall. The materials used are extremely flexible and do not restrict movement.

Attached to the shoulder pads is a pocket made from clear PVC material to hold your personal information, making your medical details easily accessible.

The medical card holder comes only on the left shoulder pad.