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The most commonly injured group are young, leisure riding female amateur riders with a vast majority (approx 70% of accidents) occuring out hacking and schooling, not in the competition ring.

A Cambridge University study of 1000 riding accident hospital admissions has shown: One injury for 100 hours leisure riding.

54% injured patients have chest trauma.

Rib fractures are common and painful with a quarter of cases having an associated underlying injury.

Abdominal trauma occurs in approx 22% seriously injured patients.

The liver, spleen and kidneys are the most commonly injured abdominal organs 80-90% of spinal fractures are to the lumbar and thoracic spine, not the neck.

Adult 'ProAir' Jacket

As well as the obvious protection from shock absorption, the jacket distributes pressure and above all, effectively supports the spinal column so that the neck and trunk have limited movement. For your protection, a simple "click" is all it takes to connect you to the saddle. If you are unseated or thrown from a horse the airbag system is designed to be effective in 0.1 second.

The Lanyard of the jacket connects with the nylon stirrup straps at the front of the saddle. After the rider has mounted the saddle, he or she clips the 2 ends together.

The Lanyard enables full movement in all directions for the rider. The airbag will only be activated if the rider is separated from the horse. The airbag jacket will then inflate within 0.1 seconds, protecting the all important areas of the body, the collar of the neck, ribs and coccyx.

The new system means that your jacket will be fully inflated after activation in 0.1 of a second, so should inflation begin from as little as 25cm from the ground your Point Two Air Jacket will be inflated before you impact the ground.

The jacket is completely reusable by replacing the CO2 gas cartridge. The highly resistant polyester fabric Jacket or Gilet can be brushed or sponged down to remove stains.

TRL LogoTransport Research Laboratory Test Results The Point Two Air Jacket - Independant testing carried out by Transport Research Laboratory .. when used with a BETA level 3 body protector, improves protection to the spine by up to 69%. .. provides approximately 45% more protection for the lower spine than a BETA level 3 body protector alone. .. with or without BETA level 3 body protector reduced the risk of rib fractures and underlying organ damage, by as much as 20%.

A) Impact to back simulating fall from 0.75m onto rigid fall surface

B) Impact to chest simulating fall from 1.4m onto rigid flat surface 1 Reduction in peak neck and lower spine shear and compression loads for scenario A fall (when compared with no protection) 2 Reduction in peak lower spine shear and compression loads for scenario A fall (compared with typical BETA level 3 protection) 3 Reduction in risk of AIS3+ injuries, compared with no protection in scenario B fall.

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