Magic Brushes



The Magic Brush for horse or dog grooming is virtually indestructible even if your horse steps on them!

A multi-purpose hard wearing brush which is great for cleaning hooves as well as their bodies - Ideal for cleaning the frog and spaces between hoof and shoe and is good on the sensitive areas too.

Legs - effectively removes stubborn mud and stains but is gentle as well.

Easy to wash - just pop in the washing machine - hygienic to use.

Great to use wet or dry and perfect for using when washing off with or without shampoo - really gives a deep massage and clean.

* Magic Brush effortlessly cleans the hoof frog and hard to clean spaces between the hoof and shoe.
* Magic Brush is easy on the sensitive areas of the bulb of the heel and coronet.
* Magic Brush is 100% waterproof, no loss of bristles.
* Magic Brush is indestructible.
* Magic Brush effectively removes dirt, mud and hard to remove grass stains.
* Magic Brush is gentle on the joints and bony areas.
* Magic Brush is able to clean in narrow recesses.
* Magic Brush is ergonomically designed and is light in the hand.
* Magic Brush is easy to clean and is even machine washable.
* Magic Brush is optimal for all types of horse hair.
* Effortlessly removes dirt and dried sweat from the horses coat.
* Ideally suited for use when shampooing.
* Assists grooming of the coat during the shedding process.
* Effortlessly removes horse hair from the saddle pads and horse blankets/rugs.

Please note that the brushes are sold individually. Colours vary.