Leovet Hoof Lab Hoof Hardener



* Hardens the hoof, reduces cracking and abrasion of the horn
* Ideal for horses with soggy, chipped and brittle hooves, low heels, separating hoof walls, and for barefoot horses. Hoof wall and sole are strengthened
* Secures a firm seat for the shoe
* protects against hoof decay and makes the hoof significantly more durable
* Effective without harmful chemical agents such as glutaraldehyde
* Contains the active ingredients Tannin from oak bark which is a natural hardening agent and horse chestnut which protects against degradation. Also contains natural sunflower oil, coconut oil, linseed oil and biotin
* Apply to clean outer horn wall and sole 3 times a week until hoof is hardened and once a week afterwards. Do not apply to coronary band, heel or frog. For shod horses apply to nail holes to help strengthen damaged hoof horn. Can be used in conjunction with Hoof Lab Natural Oil Balm to improve horn structure
* Comes with integrated pump applicator