Supreme Products Deluxe Coat Gloss



Horse Coat Finishing Gloss

Supreme De Luxe Coat Gloss produces the ultimate in coat finishes. It is specially designed and formulated to achieve perfection on show coats. Being light in texture, easy to apply either to either wet or dry coats and incredibly shiny - without being sticky, tacky, static or oily - Supreme de luxe Coat Gloss is in a class of its own. Use Supreme Coat Gloss when an outstanding finish is required..... To polish the coat, lay the coat hairs and keep the coat laid without lifting and as the base for producing the gleaming finish which is achieved with the application of Supreme Spray & Shine to the coat, Supreme Glistening Oil to the face and legs, hock and doc and Supreme Sparkle to the mane and tail. Supreme Coat Gloss can also be used as an underbelly mud repellent and will hold in quarter marks - apply liberally to the quarters then mark up.

Supreme Deluxe Coat Gloss can be applied to a dry coat or to a wet coat immediately after bathing.