LeMieux ProSport Stealth Air Shock XC Boots

Medium Black Front
Medium Black Hind
Large Black Front
Large Black Hind


These technical XC boots have been designed for strength and optimum protection with a new impact responsive smart layer between the leg and outer shell. This Shoc smart layer is composed of impact responsive material containing free form molecules the remain supple and flexible when not under pressure. These molecules articulate and lock together when impacted forming a hard protective barrier. The shear force is dissipated and thus shields the horses leg. Shoc molecules the return to a flexible state thereafter.

The outer Microflex cage mesh offer lightweight protection with 360° air ventilation - permitting exchange of air over its entire surface area whilst galloping, reducing tendon temperature.

Offering cutting edge shock absorption, tendon support and flexible PU shrike guards. These new StealthAir Shoc's have established a new standard in cross-country protection.

* Lightweight optimum weight to strength ratio
* Smart Shoc Technology moulds to leg and tendon profile supporting the back of the fetlock without restricting flexion and movement
* Minimal Water Retention (less then 1%) - fabrics resist the up take of water
* Profiled for Freedom behind the knee to prevent pinching under full flexion
* Strike protection: provided by a flexible tendon guards with lifetime guarantee
* Shock Absorbing impact responsive smart layer minimises effect of concussion and strikes
* Integral Strength of bonded MicroFlex fabric offers support and protection from brushing and abrasions
* Natural fit and feel without the rigidity associated with many other XC boots
* Non vented: avoids use of open air vents which can allow dust and mud to get between the leg and boot lining causing rubbing