Premier Equine Air-Teque Sports Boots

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Air-Teque Sports Boots have been a best seller here at Premier Equine for many years. Made from our specialist Air-Teque ventilated neoprene the boots are highly breathable, minimising the chance of your horses legs over heating. Microfiber leather straps add durability & strength and also make the boots easier to use. Sports Boots are anatomically designed and come recommend by vets for supporting all the major tendons & ligaments in your horses legs.

A quick & easy alternative to bandaging. Used by professionals in all sorts of disciplines including racehorse trainers, dressage trainers, dressage riders, event riders, polo players & stunt riders.

* Tendon support
* Fetlock support
* Suspensory support
* Ligament support
* Air-Teque ventilated neoprene
* Easy to use, strong & long lasting velcro straps
coated in microfiber leather
* Recommended by vets for support
* Machine washable (30°), dry naturally

Size guide:
* Small 13.3hh - 14.1hh
* Medium 14.2hh - 16.2hh
* Large 16.3hh - 17.2hh
* Extra Large 17.3hh - 18.2hh

Please note that these sizes are for the front, you may need to go up a size for the hind.