Woof Wear Hind Ultra Boots

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The Ultra boot is Woof Wear's ultimate protective boot suitable for all equestrian activities from the day-to-day to top level show-jumping or cross-country competition. The unique contoured shape gives superb fit and protection to vulnerable areas whilst allowing the horse total flexibility and movement.

The versatile Ultra boot offers a very high level of protection for your horse:
* 5.5 mm breathable neoprene core with nylon jersey lining
for comfort
* Extremely tough KEVLAR(R) outer fabric to resist abrasion
* Durable PVC striking pad with extra protective padding to guard
brushing and tendon areas
* Internal PU batons for extra protection
* Ergonomic design to ensure good fit to leg
* Amara binding around outside edge for comfort and durability
* Recessed stitching for longer life
* Light and flexible even when wet - does not retain water
* Wide, high density double touch and lock straps with over-strap for secure fit
The front and hind Ultra boots are contoured differently to give protection where it is needed most on the horse's legs.