Woof Wear Pro Tendon Boots

Small/Medium Black
Large/Extra Large Black


Woof Wear's new look breathable Pro Tendon Boot offers superb protection against strike injuries to the vulnerable tendon area whilst allowing unrestricted movement of the joints. The Pro Tendon boot is suitable for day-to-day schooling to top-level competition.

* Vented PU shell with contrasting mesh to prevent grit ingress
* EVA foam insert for added tendon protection
* Ergonomic design to allow for full freedom of movement
* 7mm breathable neoprene with nylon jersey lining for comfort
* Elasticated double lock straps for secure fit


Neoprene is a closed cell foam manufactured from a polymer called Chloroprene. It is very durable and because it is closed cell is does not absorb water meaning that your horse boots remain light even in wet conditions.

Breathable neoprene has an array of carefully measured holes punched through the foam to allow ventilation keeping your horse's legs cool.