Mark Todd Fluorescent Exercise Sheet

4' 6" Fluorescent Yellow
4' 9" Fluorescent Yellow
5' 0" Fluorescent Yellow


This exercise sheet is designed for outdoor exercise when the mornings or evenings are darker. It is fluorescent in colour and also has extra fluorescent strips along the sides.

This sheet also comes with a a large tail flap and fillet string to create a clear view for drivers from behind the horse.

The exercise sheet is also suitable for wet and cold weather when visibility is poor. It includes a fleece lining and waterproof outer.

This sheet has a shaped cut away area to accommodate the rider's leg to ensure a close contact with your horse's side.

There is also a hook and loop wither attachment, this prevents you from having to remove the saddle when putting on or taking off the sheet. The sheet is embossed with a Mark Todd logo.