Polypads Leg Protectors

Cob Black


Leg Protectors(c)

The Leg Protectors are generously sized with easy-fix contoured hook and loop straps.

Many travel boots today are very stiff and not comfortable for the horse, PolyPads are staying with the soft flexible material we have always used to enable great protection AND free movement for the horse.

They have a built-in scuff cuff around the bottom for added durability and protection around the bulbs of the heel.

Hind Legs: Have enhanced shaping and an extra strap above the hock, together with a tough integral stiffener for reliable support.

Front Legs: Have their opening at the back of the leg, with no join down the front. The overall style is designed to ensure a secure fit with comprehensive hock & knee coverage.

Available in 3 sizes:

PONY = Front 56cm & Hind 76cm
COB = Front 60cm & Hind 83cm
FULL = Front 68cm & Hind 88cm