Korsteel Copper French Link Loose Ring Snaffle

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Korsteel bits are made from the finest 18/8 stainless steel, and are proven and tested to our exciting standards. With a high quality finish they provide the best possible connection between horse and rider, whether at the top level of competition or as a novice pleasure rider.

Loose ring bit are the most basic and popular bits. The loose ring encourages the horse to play with and accept the bit. The nutcracker action of a jointed bit has a 'lifting' effect, whilst a straight bit provides stability.

The thickness of a bit determins its severity - the thicker the mouthpiece the kinder the bit. Rubber covered bits are particularly suitable for the sensitive horse. French, roller and Dr. Bristols all encourage chewing and salivation, which in turn help the horse except the bit in a relaxed manor. The inclusion of a port on some bits aids flexion.