Thunderbrook Gut Restore

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Soothing and nutritionally supporting the digestive system, to maintain healthy gut membranes.

Gut-Restore is recommended and used by veterinary surgeons for horses with digestive upset.

Gut ? Restore has been formulated to work together with Gut Restore ? Liquid GOLD

Did you know that the gut membrane is only one cell thick? That means there is only one cell?s membranes between the contents of the intestines and the tissues/bloodstream of the body. Damage to this membrane can easily occur through chemicals, food intolerances, etc, leading to hyperpermeable membrane or 'leaky gut'. Molecules that shouldn't get through the intestinal barrier find their way through, leading to inflammatory responses. This mechanism is now known to be the major cause of inflammatory diseases in humans such as arthritis, colitis, etc. Gut-Restore is a blend of herbs formulated to nutritionally support a healthy gut membrane.

Feeding Rate: Supplied as 1kg nett weight. Feed one to two measures, twice per day for a large horse. Half rate for a small pony.

Lasts one to two months depending on feeding rate used.