TopSpec Digestive Aid

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3 kg
3 kg
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TopSpec Digestive Aid is designed to optimise digestive health and stimulate appetite in horses.

TopSpec Digestive Aid Contains high levels of pure, protected probiotic yeast and prebiotic MOS. It also contains vitamin B12.

It is particularly effective for horses that are working hard, on high concentrate/low forage diets, or stressed. It is ideal for use after antibiotic/worming treatments which can upset the hind gut microbial balance.

This proven formula, containing grass and mint leaves with added peppermint oil to make the whole meal smell delicious, works on appetite both externally (appetising smell) and internally (via a wide range of ingredients).

Effects on the digestive system and appetite will start to show within two days but maximum effects on appetite from the ingredients that work within the body will be seen within three weeks.

Using TopSpec Digestive Aid helps to maintain firm droppings in horses that have compromised hindgut function. This can be caused by, for example, insufficient fibre intake or stress. Both competition horses and elderly horses are good examples of horses that can suffer from loose droppings.

TopSpec Digestive Aid conforms to the BETA UFAS NOPS code for HRA/FEI competition use.

TopSpec Digestive Aid can be added to any combination of feeds or supplements. It must be mixed into damp or wet feed.

Our new product TopSpec Digestive Aid contains yeast pro-biotics to optimise digestive health. Yeast pro-biotics are also included in TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer.

TopSpec Digestive Aid is supplied in 3kg tubs which will last a 500kg horse for one month.