Formula 4 Feet

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20kg Bag


The hoof and laminitis supplement they're all talking about. Equi-life's Formula 4 Feet, developed at the Laminitis Clinic, provides over 65 essential micronutrients not only to optimise horn quality.

Glucose intolerance and insulin resistance commonly predispose to laminitis; particularly in metabolic syndrome or Cushing's Disease cases. The unique combination of magnesium, chromium, vanadium and glucose tolerance factor found in Formula 4 Feet from non GM sources, help support hoof health.

Omega 3 fatty acids and four powerful antioxidants help against reactive oxygen molecules produced during the early stages of laminitis. Formula 4 Feet contains no cereals nor added selenium but provides vitamin A and riboflavin, both essential for a healthy skin, hooves and musculature. The inclusion of the two rate limiting amino acids lysine and threonine optimise protein metabolism.

They also have included the essential amino acids the Cushing's disease cases need to produce their essential hormones. In addition to these specific properties, the nutritional balance in Formula 4 Feet confers the most modern, comprehensive benefits as a general supplement and feed balancer.

Formula 4 Feet is the first hoof and laminitis supplement to gain vegetarian society approval.