Saracen Super Shine Plus

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Saracen Super Shine Plus is a human grade, highly refined soya oil supplement. Adding soya oil into your horse or pony's diet will help support optimal coat, skin and muscle condition. Soya Oil is a rich source of linoleic acid, a fatty acid essential for coat and muscle condition, seventeen times more concentrated than that found in fish oil ad three times more than is linseed oil.

This makes Saracen Super Shine Plus the No. 1 choice for adding coat gloss and condition to any horse or pony.

Soya Oil is also a rich source of slow-burning natural energy, which supplies two and a half to three times more energy as an equal weight of carbohydrates. Your horse or pony will use this energy source first in preference to energy stored in their muscles, thus supporting optimum stamina levels and reducing recovery time after hard work.