Global Herbs SuperCalm

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30ml Syringe (contains 2 measures)


Helps your horse 'chill out' - valerian free. This new combined action relaxation mix for use in any situation.

SuperCalm keeps your horse relaxed and easy to manage whilst providing the best nutrition for the immune system and digestion. It's nutritional antioxidant profile helps your horse with all bodily functions and levels of feeding can be confidently adapted to suit your own specific situation.

SuperCalm can be used in a number of situations:

1. If despite good advice on management and feeding your horse remains difficult to manage.

2. For nervousness and aggressive attitude.

3. For competition horses to assist in training and preparation.

4. For settling horses into new environments.

5.for travel and other stressful situations.

6. For over active horses.

7. For behavioural concerns as advised by your vet.

8. In combination with FriskyMare during the breeding season.

SuperCalm Instant Syringe is ideal for use before competition or stressful events and results are normally seen within the hour.