Dodson & Horrell Equi-Bites



Equi-Bites are a treat with a difference! Equi-Bites are fully supplemented with vitamins and minerals making them a healthy treat for leisure horses and ponies at grass or in work.

With the added convenience of feeding straight from your hand Equi-Bites ensures your horse's individual vitamin and mineral needs are met. Equi-Bites are an ideal way of providing your horse or pony with a source of essential micronutrients that are often lacking in a pasture.

For horses and ponies that are in light to medium work Equi-Bites takes away the need to add supplements to a concentrate ration. As with all Dodson & Horrell products Equi-Bites contain QLC natural anti-oxidants. This patented blend of natural, plant derived anti-oxidants has been formulated to support the horse's own natural anti-oxidant system, promoting long-term health, condition and performance.