Likit Paddock Lick

8 Kg


Containing a broad spectrum of essential vitamins & minerals, plus the added benefit of Garlic, Biosprint Live Yeast and Oils, the Paddock Likit is the perfect, cost-effective way of supplementing even the poorest grazing.

* Extremely palatable
* Easy to Use
* Contains Garlic to help repel flies and to keep airways clear
* Happy Hooves formula containing Biotin, Methionine and Zinc will help support healthy hoof growth
* Contains Oils for a shiny coat and supple joints
* Provides nutrients to balance soil/ grazing / forage deficiences
*Contains Biosprint Live Yeast which may help aid digestion

The new longer lasting Paddock Likit is designed to encourage a much slower consumption rate, thereby ensuring that your horse or pony gets just the right amount of vitamins & minerals as and when they require. The result is a cost saving for the owner and reduced waste, since the horse can only utilise a limited amount of these key nutrients at any time.