Purina One Adult Light Cat Food



Adult cats that are less active or have a tendency to gain weight need an adapted calorie intake but without reducing the taste.

PURINA ONE Light is specifically designed to help your cat to reach and maintain their healthy weight without compromising on taste. It offers your cat all the pleasure, thanks to its tasty ingredients, with 18% less calories intake. When following weight loss feeding guidelines, this low fat formula will help your cat to lose weight while satisfying their appetite and providing them all the essential nutrients they needs.

PURINA ONE Bifensis is a unique nutritional formula with beneficial functional bacteria scientifically proven to help support your cat's natural defences from the inside out.

Developed by PURINA vets and nutritionists, PURINA ONE Bifensis contains, along the beneficial functional bacteria, all the key nutrients your cat needs, including Omega 6 fatty acids. Its dual defence formula works in parallel on the inside, by helping to support your cat's natural antibody production, and on the outside by maintaining healthy skin and coat.